in4vent UG
Instructors for Events and Motorsport

in4vent UG | Company (our vision).

  • The idea of founding in4vent was born during a conversation about the current situation of Motorsport instructors and the tuition of customers for Motorsport entry. Due to the fact that there is no standardised apprenticeship for instructors, we decided to create such a system with in4vent.
  • Our Basis will be the selection and tuition of high qualified and experienced motorsport instructors. On this basis we will develop own Motorsport events and will offer our service to customers (B2C and B2B).
  • Generally the problem is that amateurs start in different motorsport series without a adequate education. Subsequently these „Gentlemen drivers“ cause accidents because they are convinced of their ability to drive strong race cars. This leads to a security problem for all participants. A good apprenticship of all amateur race drivers could avoid these problems.
  • The current situation for amateur race drivers shows a wide variety of training possibilities. But it is very difficult for these motorsport enthusiasts to find the adequate service for themselves. Our opinion is that only a individual coaching with frequent feedback guarantees a perfect service and an optimal tuition of the future race drivers.